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Associate Engineer - Maintenance

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Reference ID R134096 Updated 10/03/2023
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Makati City


Interfaces with Global I&M Service Lead, Regional Engineering Service Leads, Maintenance Execution Coordinator, Operation Maintenance Coordinators, Data Admins.

Understanding of the DGAME Manual intent and processes including the 6 pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Site critical documents (PEFS, HACD, Plot Plans, DBD and C&E)
  • Pillar 2: Asset Register & Tagging
  • Pillar 3: Identification of Safety Critical Equipment from site HEMPs
  • Pillar 4: R&I plan (I&M regimes)
  • Pillar 5: Maintenance Execution 
  • Pillar 6: Storage of Asset records in the Asset Information Management System (AIM-EDMS) and relevant updates due to execution of Projects and Maintenance.


The Maintenance scheduler must be able to:

Work as an effective team member within the TAO team, engaging primarily with:

  • Other Maintenance Schedulers
  • OMC’s
  • Maintenance Execution Coordinators (MEC)
  • I&M Data analysts
  • Data controllers and admins.

Pro-actively plan preventive and corrective workorders. Identify inconsistencies in maintenance scheduling. Interact with Global I&M service lead, RESL’s and MEC’s at working level to understand upcoming activities and support requirements. Ensure consistent application of the DGAME Manual. Understanding of the R&I plans for the responsible terminals.

Overall responsibility is to ensure the Terminals are provided with accurate planned workorders, with the correct resources.

  • Close contact with terminal OMC’s
  • Plan Workorders with provided information
  • Assign correct required resources
  • Monitoring workorders and assisting the OMC in on time execution of workorders
  • Update workorders according to approved extensions
  • Review workorders for closure
  • Provide Subject matter expert role service towards Operations and/or Engineering